Your first visit


At Gallery Dental, we are committed to treating everyone as unique individuals who have specific needs and expectations. We are interested in developing long-term relationships with patients and are not in the
“commodity business”. It is our hope that our patients are engaged in their health care and want what is best for them today and in the future.

The New Patient Experience

What will I experience on my first visit?

Your first visit to the office is designed to create value and trust. We do this by systematically evaluating your oral health using photography, X-rays, and a clinical exam. This information is then shared with you in an easy to understand presentation. The systematic approach allows you to understand your oral health and for us to know what is important to you and what motivates you to maintain your oral health.

Process of evaluation

 1.  Medical and dental history

 First, you will join us in the office to fill out comprehensive medical and dental history forms. These forms relate to one another and have an “answer code” outlining the significance of each answer. 

2.  Documentation

 With this knowledge, we then take a series of photographs and x-rays of your mouth. Only one dental assistant in the office is trained to do this job to keep the process consistent. 

3.  About you

 The dental assistant will ask a series of questions to help us get to know you as an individual. 

4.  Dr Aaron Snidal’s assessment

 At this point you will be introduced to the dentist – Dr. Aaron Snidal who will proceed with an evaluation of the jaw, gums, teeth, function, and facial dynamics. During this assessment, he will call out each finding. 

5.  Visual Communication

 When the exam with Aaron is complete, it is repeated using photographs and x-rays projected onto a 42 inch screen at the foot of the dental chair. During this process, he will ask questions to help understand the history of your teeth and your individual risk factors for future dentistry. 

6.  Your questions

When this is completed, you are free to share any specific concerns or ask questions. At the end of this process we will send you home with a copy of a treatment plan, and book your hygiene appointment. 


This entire process takes approximately 1 hour.

The intent of this experience is to get to know you personally, understand your specific needs (teeth, gums, aesthetics), and to develop a customized treatment plan that will include an appropriate amount of time to set aside with the hygienist and Dr. Aaron Snidal.