• “Everyone always is so incredibly friendly and they do such a great job and are so gentle.”

    -Susan L 

  • “Friendly, professional, thorough service. I would highly recommend this business to everybody.”

    -Shirley W

  • “As a patient since they opened their doors, I have always found the staff at Gallery Dental to be professional, prompt and caring!”

    -Michelle B

  • “Very happy with their service, overview of the situation, my son, age 7, enjoyed his time there”

    -Marlene D


“Aaron did a great job taking care of my root canal. had great knowledge of how much freezing to give me so I wouldn’t feel anything but freezing was gone shortly after my visit. No pain! thanks Aaron!”

– James H


“Aaron did a fantastic job of articulating to me each step and procedure he was doing. I’ve never had a dentist make me feel as comfortable as he did. It made the experience much more enjoyable knowing what was happening as he explained it.

– Bailey V

Dr. Snidal


A true adventurer at heart –  Dr. Aaron Snidal is living his dream.

At a young age, he knew he was going to be a dentist – even helping his friends with relieving a loose tooth every so often. There is nothing he would change about the wonderful journey that has kept him engaged in dentistry.  His passion for the profession has made his practice and his relationship with patients truly exceptional.



Dr. Snidal