Who We Are.

As Director of Patient Care, Leigh McIntosh greets our patients with a friendly voice on the phone and a smiling face at the door. Leigh is dedicated to helping our patients have the most comfortable dental experience Gallery Dental can offer.

Sometimes referred to as “the quarterback” by dentist and owner Aaron Snidal, Leigh is always there to help out our team members, tracking individual cases and consulting with doctors on a daily basis. Besides supporting our team, Leigh gives everything to our patients: she answers their questions and offers consultation on everything from payment plans to treatment options.

Leigh grew up as an only child on a 10-acre property outside of Carman, Manitoba and has lived there for most of her life. After graduating from Carman Collegiate in 2004, Leigh fell in love with her future husband, Derek, marrying him in 2013. They moved back to Carman just before having their son, Adrien. Leigh and her family still live in their first house and take pride in fixing and renovating it themselves. While Derek farms with his brother and dad, Adrien is growing up to be active in sports, including hockey, baseball, golf, swimming and soccer.

Leigh enjoys spending her free time shopping and travelling, but in the summer you can find her relaxing at the lake with her family and their pets: a pug named Miley and a Siamese cat named Smooch. Next time you call, you can rely on Leigh to provide the high-quality service you can always expect from Gallery Dental.

To get in touch with Leigh, please feel free to send her an email at leigh@gallerydental.com – she would love to hear from you!