World Oral Health Day

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Posted by: Gallery Dental 03.20.15

World Oral Health Day - Gallery Dental

Today we celebrate¬†World Oral Health Day! Gallery Dental hygienist, Teneil, is ready to help us all learn about oral healthcare. Today she answers the question “Why do I need my teeth cleaned?”

“Visiting your hygienist on a regular basis is very important for many reasons. Bacteria in the form of plaque and calculus (AKA tarter) is removed from under and along your gums to prevent infection known as gingivitis or inflammation of the gums. If gingivitis is left untreated it can progress into periodontal disease which is an infection in the bone that is needed to keep the teeth in the jaw. Not only does a regular cleaning prevent disease and improve overall health but it also freshens your breathe, brightens your smile and can be the start to preventing cavities. A healthy smile is all part of a healthy overall lifestyle, plus your teeth feel wonderful after!”
Teneil Sailer

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