Gallery Dental Team: Leigh McIntosh

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Posted by: Gallery Dental 02.25.15

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Highlights from the team:

“Behind that sweet disposition is really a wild crazy girl whose real calling is as a private investigator!”

“Leigh is a very happy person. Always willing to help and a pleasure to work with.”

“Leigh is the quarterback of our Gallery Dental team. She knows insurance policies inside out. She takes numerous, and sometimes conflicting schedules, and finds creative ways to smooth things out. I can always count on Leigh, regardless of the task!”

“When you tell her about an event you’re going to or something that you’re doing, she remembers and asks you how it went. Even things I have forgotten that I had mentioned to her in a conversation.”

“I have always felt at ease with Leigh; never hard to carry a conversation. When I first met Leigh, it was like catching up with an old friend.”

“Very good at her job! Always fun to work with!”

“Leigh is a great asset to the Gallery Dental team. She is personable, works hard and she really cares about the people who she deals with. She is always a problem solver and is great with patients.”

“Great treatment coordinator. Always there to help!”

“Leigh is not only a very valuable member of the Gallery Dental team, she is super kind, sweet and very professional. Also super easy to get along with!”

“I enjoy working with Leigh in our Winkler office. She always has a kind word and a warm smile.”

“Leigh is a good listener, a good friend and great at her job.”

“I love Leigh’s friendly personality. She is great at what she does and she is very reliable.”

“Leigh is very pleasant to work with. She always gets things done and she is great at what she does.”

“Leigh is someone who I admire and respect. She is extremely good at her job but does not allow it to consume her. She seems to have this great balance between her work and home life. I have 100% confidence in Leigh!”

“The dedication and attention to detail Leigh puts into her work is something to be admired and sought after.”

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