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Posted by: Kasey Proulx 01.28.15

Just before Christmas, Gallery Dental made a special delivery of 1000 toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste to Agape Table in Winnipeg. Agape Table is a Community Nutrition Center. They believe in nutrition, empowerment, dignity, and community. Therefore they serve a free hot breakfast without qualification and judgement. Everyone is welcome at the Agape Table. Other Agape Table programs include a Low Cost Grocery Store, $2 Bagged Lunch, Low-cost Breakfast, Emergency Food Bank, Agape Table for Kids, and Creative Circles. Agape has a list of “Top 10 Most Needed Items” with toothbrushes and toothpaste sitting at number one. Gallery Dental was honored to assist in meeting the need.  Those who use Agape Table aren’t just in need during the holiday season though, they could use support all year long. If you are able to make a donation, email to speak with one of the wonderful volunteers we met. Check out for more info.

We were fortunate enough to take a tour of Agape Table and take a bunch of photos!





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