Gallery Dental Team: Chris Meilun

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Posted by: Gallery Dental 10.01.14

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Highlights from the team:

“Chris is someone for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration; he is a great role model to his kids, true to his beliefs, and a loyal friend! Chris is incredibly talented at his profession. The Best! He is also a natural teacher. I learn something from him each time we work together.”

“Friendly, fun to be around, and very good at making teeth! (As well as everything else he makes!) ”

“Whenever Chris is in the office, he always brightens the mood. He has a ready smile and a positive attitude every day. I really enjoy working with Chris.”

“When Chris in our office, he makes everyone smile. He is very compassionate and caring towards his patients.”

“Chris is a crucial member of our team. He adds a relaxed, easy-going feel to our clinics. But make no mistake, once in his element (dentures), there are very few who are more attentive to detail and meticulous than Chris.”

“Chris is the kind of guy that everyone likes! He is very kind, caring, and compassionate and it shows through his work. Chris is always there to answer any questions you may have about a treatment plan or assist when needed.”

“Chris has a warm smile that instantly puts patients at ease. Chris has a positive outlook on life and calm demeanour. I look forward to the days I work with Chris. ”

“He is very good denturist and receives all kinds of referrals from his patients. He is also a very personable guy and loves a good joke and a laugh. I really enjoy working with him.”

“Chris is always positive and extremely patient.”

“Chris is very professional. He has a positive outlook on life.”

“Chris is a very patient, sincere, and caring individual; always has time to listen.”

“Should you ever need a prosthesis, such as a denture, Chris is definitely who to call. You will not be disappointed.”

“Chris is a very funny guy; an intelligent denturist.”

“Chris is super funny and great to work with. When he’s in the office, the day is much more entertaining!”

“Chris always has something new to chat about every time I see him.”

“What a guy! On those random lunches in Winkler, he always has something obscure, funny, or completely out there to share with us. You know you’re going to leave in a better mood when Chris is around.”

“No matter what kind of day I’m having, Chris is always able to make me laugh. He is my favourite person to joke around with!”

“Chris is a great listener. Even if he’s busy, I often see him talking with his patients well past their appointment times because they need someone to listen. He doesn’t make anyone feel rushed.”

“Chris is always a pleasant guy to have around. You can talk to Chris about anything and he always gives great advice.”

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