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Posted by: Gallery Dental 09.19.14

Our latest Gallery Corner post got us thinking about cheese…

Early Monday morning GD team members, Dr. Aaron Snidal, Kyle Weir, and Shannon Smith grabbed a coffee and headed to New Bothwell, MB to learn all about cheese! Bothwell Cheese was kind enough to open their doors and let us pick their brains to learn as much as possible about cheese, how it’s made, where it comes from, and more.

We met with Mike and Megan, experts in the cheese industry. With a second cup of coffee in hand we were ready to absorb as much info as possible. 2 cups


“Taste the Quality. Taste the Difference”

Kyle_tastingTasting 1

Bothwell Cheese crafts over 25 different varieties; each one distinctive and delicious. “Our cheese is of high quality and tastes great because of the all-natural products we use” Mike, director of sales and marketing, attests.

To make cheese you need four basic ingredients: fresh pasteurized milk, bacterial culture, salt, and microbial enzyme. Did you know that most cheese is naturally white? Even cheddar. In Manitoba we are used to orange cheddar. Bothwell colours some of its cheddar naturally with annatto, a seed from the Achitoe tree found in Brazil. Some cheeses, have added flavors, such as “Horseraddish Cheddar” (Megan’s favorite) or “Habanero”. Ingredients in these products are all-natural as well. So you can trust when you eat Bothwell you are making a healthy choice!

Cheese the cavity fighter!

So why are we so interested in cheese? Well, not only does it taste good, it’s great for your teeth!

A cavity, or dental caries, is a destructive disease that affects most of the world’s population. It results when the teeth are routinely subjected to acid attack (low pH).

The acid removes the mineral from the surfaces of the teeth which makes them rough and more vulnerable to further breakdown.

The acid comes as a by-product from the growth of bacteria that naturally populate our mouths. These bacteria feed off carbohydrates (sugars) in our diet.

Proper hygiene helps to remove the bacteria but as the acid destroys the tooth structure, there are more and more places for the bacteria to proliferate. This is a vicious cycle.

This is where healthy diets play a crucial part.

Cheese is a fantastic food and should be a part of your balanced diet!

Cheese increases the pH levels in the mouth to a level that cannot cause softening (demineralization) of the teeth surfaces.

It stimulates salivary flow; which is the bodies’ natural defense for the teeth. Saliva cleanses the teeth and bathes the teeth with minerals that make the teeth stronger.

Cheese also contains these same minerals which further strengthens the teeth!

Cheese also contains fat so it does not stick to your teeth.

Many varieties such as aged and swiss cheese have little or no lactose so they can be consumed by virtually everyone.

It is easy to store and it has so many flavours that it makes it fun and delicious to consume.

Cheese – it does a body good!

Where to find Bothwell Cheese

Bothwell Cheese is sold in stores across Canada, including Costco, Sobeys, Safeway, and the Real Canadian Superstore. Find Bothwell Cheese at All Natural Meats in Carman, and The Fruit n More Store, Hi-Way Groceteria, Spenst Bros and the Co-op in Winkler.

You can also stop in the Cheese Shop attached to the Cheese Factory in New Bothwell. We recommend it! The shop offers great samples and has every Bothwell variety available. It also has locally produced, all-natural products, such as pasta and honey. To learn more about Bothwell cheese visit them online at


Dairy Farmer Aaron. Did he miss his true calling?

IMG_2006 “SqueaKr’s” for the road! SqueaKr’s are cheese curds and as delicious as the are fun. This is the natural shape of cheese before being pressed into blocks.


Thank you Bothwell Cheese for having us! It was a fun and educational morning!









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