What Makes A Great Smile?

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Posted by: Gallery Dental 08.06.14

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When I think about what makes a great smile, two words come to mind: harmony and symmetry.

The smile needs to be in harmony with the rest of the face. Did you know that for most adults, the measured distance between your pupils is the same length as your ear, and is the same length as the bottom of your nose to your chin. If this is not true, your face will either appear long or short (square). The teeth determine this length. Furthermore, the cutting edge of the upper teeth need to be 1/3 of the way down from the bottom of the nose to the chin. When both of these conditions are true, you will have the foundation for a beautiful smile.

The next factor is symmetry. If the teeth and gums are the same size and shape on both sides of  the middle of your face, you will have a beautiful smile. This does not mean they are straight, it just means that none of them catch your eye as being odd or out of position.

Those are the first things I look at when I evaluate a person’s smile.


Dentist and Gallery Dental Centre’s owner


Do not forget about these points as well:

• Confidence.
• A great smile doesn’t come easy but with great friends to make you laugh, and daily brushing and flossing the only thing left is to show off those pearly whites.
• A smile has to be genuine, and include the eyes… I love making someone smile when they aren’t expecting it- a surprise smile!
• If your eyes are smiling, that’s a great smile!
• See your hygienist regularly to maintain a healthy mouth and avoid cavities and infection.
• Clean your tongue.
• What makes a great smile is a happy, healthy smile.

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