Gallery Dental Team: Lorelei Buisson

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Posted by: Gallery Dental 08.11.14

Gallery Dental Team: Lorelei Buisson

Highlights from the team:

“Lorelei was my roommate in Vegas and was a lot of fun to be with. She always has a smile on her face and is very adventurous. She is hardworking and very knowledgeable in her field of dental assisting.”

“As a new staff member, Lorelei is one of my go-to’s. She’s always ready to explain something new and help out wherever possible. She’s also got a great energy and can get the team laughing on staff outings.”

“The term that best describes Lor to me is work hard, play hard!!… She is the most dependable person I know!!! Luv ya!!”

“Lorelei is Aaron’s third and fourth hands. Watching her and Aaron work together is the definition of synergy.”

“Lorelei is very hard working and driven.”

“I would like to say how welcoming she was to me as a new team member. She is always there for me to ask questions. I really enjoy working with her, and was excited when La Salle opened as I have more clinic time with her now.”

“Lorelei is a great co-worker, fun to be around and an amazing dental assistant!”

“Having joined the team at Gallery Dental not to long ago, I have enjoyed not only working with but also getting to know Lorelei. She is out outgoing hardworking and has helped make me feel welcomed.”

“As the person who does all the ordering for Gallery Dental, it is nice to have someone as organized and knowledgeable as Lorelei to work with to help me with the ordering in Carman and La Salle.”

“Lorelei is the kind of person that has an answer for just about any question that is clinic related. She is the go to person to ask and who will help out wherever and whenever she can. A fun teammate to have at work.”

“I think Lorelei is a very dedicated and skilled assistant. I love working with her!”

“If anyone needs any advice ask MAMA LEI. Both clinically and personal she always there to give the best advice and support! Very motherly indeed.”

“When I started here 4 years ago Lorelei had to show me the ropes of Gallery Dental. To this day, she is still teaching me new things and giving great advice on how I can do my job better. I will always be thankful for everything she has taught me!”

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